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How to Follow Up on Real Estate Leads Perfectly

Closing your real estate deal is easy … when you do it perfectly. And it’s easy to close deals perfectly when you have a good leads followup schedule.

Callingly gets you over the first hurdle in sales: Making the initial contact. And that first call is crucial: According to a study conducted by Dr James Oldroyd, Professor and Faculty Fellow at MIT, calls to leads which take place up to five minutes after the customer fills out a web form will get picked up.

But wait just 30 minutes, and the chance the lead will pick up your call drops a precipitous 100 times.

Dr Oldroyd’s study looked at web-generated leads, just like Callingly does. His study also found that if 20 hours are allowed to elapse between initial customer interest and the first sales call, each call you or your agents make will actually do damage to your ability to qualify those leads.

The Perfect Real Estate Leads Follow-Up

Another study published in the Harvard Business Review shows 37% of businesses respond to leads within an hour.

Just 37% responded within a timely fashion!

Consider the flip side of that statistic: A whopping 63% of businesses surveyed took far too long in responding to their leads. And as noted above, waiting a whole hour can have dramatic consequences.

There are more ways to do business now than at any other time in history. You have to act fast if you want to capture and follow-up with a lead. And if you want to act fast, you have to improve your lead response time.

Responding in Time

That 63% of businesses that don’t respond to their sales leads in time do so because they don’t have the right software and the perfect sales follow up process.

Many sales teams endure broken processes: Leads get stuck in queues because sales reps aren’t notified. Or there are bottlenecks in the process, such as one or two humans who assign leads to individual sales reps or agents.

This is a colossal liability. Why? Because a delay of hours, or even mere minutes can end up with you struggling to get an otherwise interested prospect engaged, as the statistics above reveal.

If you fail to engage your prospects in a timely fashion, you risk losing the deal.

Following Up With Callingly

When you use Callingly to manage your inbound lead flow and callback process, you know that every single lead is going to get a call. When you have sales agents available, your lead’s phone will ring in less than 30 seconds.

And when the call is over, your CRM will get a recording of that call. Not only that, but you’ll also get detailed analytics of your team’s performance. This includes information about their response rate, speed of response, connection rate, call length, and more.

Every lead gets a call, guaranteed!

Call back every lead in just seconds, not hours, and change your response rates for the better.

Track every lead, and every call.

All with Callingly!

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